Pregnancy-Related Heart Disease Silent Killer

courtesy Daily Beast

As we know, pregnancy-related deaths are on the rise in the U.S. for many reasons, including the rising cesarean rate, rising obesity, and more health problems in general. A new study out of California sheds light on another factor: heart disease that goes undiagnosed  and untreated: “A few days after Michelle MacDonald gave birth, she felt alarmingly short of breath—like someone was holding her head under water, then yanking it up every few seconds for her to steal a few gasps of air. But when the first-time mother complained from her hospital bed, the postpartum nurses in Fredericton, New Brunswick, were unconcerned. ‘Everyone just kind of brushed it off,’ she told The Daily Beast. ‘I think they thought I had new-mom anxiety.’” Read more at The Daily Beast.

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