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Jezebel jumps into “Birth Rape” debate

courtesy JezebelThe bloggers at Jezebel have picked up on the somewhat controversial term “birthrape” used by some women who have been traumatized during childbirth — rough exams, waters broken without consent, episiotomies cut against a woman’s will, forced cesarean sections — and question whether it’s a fair use of the word. “Whether or not you find it appropriate, the insistence on the use of the word ‘rape’ — and not simply ‘birth trauma’ — is interesting because both childbearing and sexual assault are points in which, despite all modern progress, women’s bodily functions and reproductive organs could seem to define them or take them back to a primal vulnerability,” writes Irin Carmon. “It points to how broadly disempowered so many women feel within the medical system.” The post is tagged “pushed” and a lively debate follows in the comments.