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Tuning Into Birth on YouTube

Last time the New York Times reported on home birth it was in the “Home & Garden” section. Here’s another story, about the rise in birth video viewership on YouTube, in “Fashion & Style.” (Sigh. When will physiological birth get a page in the “Health” section??) Most of the thousands of birth videos are shot at home — as of today there are 10,900 results to the search terms “home birth” — because taping is rarely permitted in hospitals. It’s mindblowing to think that 30, 40 years ago, women didn’t have access to books or even photographs showing the normal birth process. Now you can spend a whole afternoon birth-surfing.

Here’s a favorite. Here’s encouragement for those carrying multiples. Here’s one of several women singing in labor. And check out this absolutely gorgeous birth shown in a Spanish ad for a bed! And look, a brand new video about midwives and health reform — perhaps the birth of a movement?

ADDENDUM: “The Birth of Amerlyn Grace” — a beautiful, intimate slide show shot in black and white by Austin photographer Lyndsay Stradtner.