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Obama Needs a Birth Plan

Some healthcare trivia: In the United States, what is the No. 1 reason people are admitted to the hospital? Not diabetes, not heart attack, not stroke. The answer is something that isn’t even a disease: childbirth. It costs the country far more than any other health condition. But cost hasn’t translated into quality…

[Read the op-ed, "Midwives Deliver," in the Los Angeles Times]

Mr. Daschle, Don’t Miss the Heartland Maternity Reform House Party

Mr. Daschle,

It’s true, those insurance execs who are coopting your call for “community” health reform discussions this week and next will probably have the higher-end rum in their eggnog, but don’t drink it. They want to keep profiteering off the very communities you and President-elect Obama asked to come together, share stories, and brainstorm for better health care.

If you really want to hear it from the heartland, decline those invitations, and may I suggest that you head to Kansas City tomorrow, December 20, where leaders of the maternity care reform movement will be hosting THE house party of the health care reform season. You want stories? These families have stories. Looking for fresh ideas about how the system needs to be reformed? These women will tell you how the U.S. could save billions by overhauling birth care. (In short, we’re overspending and underserving women and families. See this report for details.)

The “Maternity Care Community Discussion in the Heartland” starts at 2 pm in Lees Summit, MO. You should be there.