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Have a Home Birth, Your Rug Will Be Fine! says NYT

courtesy NYTThere’s no data yet on whether more women are staying home to give birth, but the New York Times reports evidence of a trend: NYC midwives swamped with calls, birth tub outfitters doubling sales, and DVDs of the cult hit Business of Being Born renting steady as ever. Perhaps an article about home birth does fit easily in the Home & Garden section of the Times. (We’d rather see it above the fold on page 1, but hey now…) Several paragraphs are devoted to logistic concerns specific to big apple residents: “the prospect of an inevitably messy process in a tight space invites delicate questions, like, What happens to the rug?” But nobody here laments any fabric stains; one mom says clean-up was just as the midwife said, “not a big deal, it’s like one garbage bag.” The neighbors don’t seem to mind either (at least when these moans and groans are over there’s a newborn to coo at!) Enjoy, and don’t miss the slide show.