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Vaginal Birth Safer, But C-sections on the Rise

Courtesy USA Today“No question…the safest way for most first-time mothers to give birth is via an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.” So begins this USA Today article on the rise in cesareans and concurrent rise in maternal mortality. It’s worth reading. And worth considering the fact that some researchers want to conduct a large study comparing women who are selected at random for unnecessary cesareans to women who are selected for planned vaginal birth. Many experts believe that such a “randomized” study is unethical, because there is so much evidence, nicely summarized in the above article, that cesareans pose an increased risk.

Good Morning America Features Pushed

Pushed on Good Morning AmericaPushed and its author debuted on national TV this morning during a Good Morning America segment about unassisted childbirth! The piece features a woman, pregnant with her fourth child, who, unable to find midwifery care, chose to go it alone. The segment nicely illustrates why unnecessary and harmful hospital interventions are leading women to abandon maternity care entirely. Watch DIY Deliveries: More Women Go It Alone.

Open Letter to Christina Aguilera

Dear Christina,

I know, I know. You must be getting tons of advice about pregnancy, motherhood, etc. right now. You get the bump, and suddenly everybody feels like butting in. So my apologies straight off for joining the choir. Let me also say that making babies, having babies, not having babies — it’s all about choice. So the way you give birth is ultimately your choice to make, and you have that right. I’m writing this letter because I hear you’ve chosen to schedule a cesarean section…

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